Our team includes a diverse and multidisciplinary group, comprised of biologists, fishery engineers, economists, communicators, anthropologists, among others. Our group also includes over 50 local volunteers, including professionals, technicians, students and fishermen

Main Staff

Kerstin S. Forsberg (Co-founder, Director): With multiple years of practice in conservation biology, Kerstin’s professional experience includes designing, developing, assessing and contributing to numerous research, environmental impact assessments and environmental education projects along Peru.  With a highly multi-disciplinary and ecosystem-based focus, her comprehensive approach fulfills current needs to conserve and manage biodiversity.

Fernando Casabonne (Co-founder, Manager): With over 20 years of practice in the field of human resources, plus experience on environmental sustainability and conservation, Fernando works with teams of volunteers, fishermen and stakeholders and assures our organization’s administration, communications, logistics and field work.

Ricardo Sanjinez (Regional Coordinator): A fishery engineer from Tumbes (north Peru), Ricardo has multi-disciplinary experience in the fishing industry, as well as in controlling on-board observations in fishing vessels, developing research and environmental education efforts and participatory community events.